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The Ornate Group, since establishment in 1996, has developed several projects in Central & Western region of Mumbai. The company has a successful track record of handling over 500 tenants and is currently developing over 2 Million Sq.ft of projects across Mumbai.

Ornate Group of Companies

  • Ornate Developers (Proprietorship Firm)
  • Ornate Spaces Pvt. Ltd. (Private Limited Company)
  • Ornate Realtors And Developers Pvt. Ltd. (Private Limited Company)
  • Ornate Housing Pvt.Ltd. (Private Limited Company)
  • Ornate Foundation (Trust)
  • Ornate Build Infra (Private Limited Company)
"As I am in teaching field, I deal with a great number of people on a daily basis. Prior to meeting Mr. Vijay Machindar, my experience with most professional companies (especially in Real Estate) left me unimpressed. In contrast, the services provided by Ornate Spaces proved to be an excellent value. I am pleased to say that my purchase of several flats in Ashoka Complex has been a pleasure and I would highly recommend Ornate Spaces to anyone seriously interested in investing in their future."
- Daji Ghutukade

"I couldn’t be happier with my home. I am very glad that I went with Ornate Spaces. A potentially stressful experience when attempting to purchase a home was made easy and quite painless. Aside from a terrific location, and a plethora of inbuilt amenities, all the legal paperwork for the 2BHK was organized and ready which helped me to expedite the purchase process and move into my dream home."
- Ajay Karambe
"Before our visit to Ornate Galaxy, we never imagined that any home bought in Mumbai city can be one that fulfills all of our needs. By challenging the norms of construction in the city, the homes designed by Ornate Spaces are ones that are meant to last, whilst providing the owner with a feeling of contentment that the spacious homes are not just a great place to live, but investments that last."
- Satish Pai

"The very best location, the very best flat design, and very organized legal process helped my wife and me to purchase a house very easily. The team at Ornate Spaces saw to it that we were very well taken care off. The salesperson showed us the flat in detail, and explained to us all the reasons why Ashoka Complex was the place to purchase. We recommend Ornate Spaces to all our friends and family."
- Purushottam Chachad
"I would recommend Ornate Spaces to anyone looking to purchase a home in Mumbai. The support services offered, and the understanding of the Real Estate industry is the very best that I have ever seen. The salesperson was friendly, available, and very patient as he helped us purchase our home. He was also always cheerful, and we came to rely on him heavily. He also managed to get us a very good deal."
- Dr. Natarajan

"My wife and I purchased our property with Ornate Spaces a few months ago in their Dadar project called Ornate Galaxy. We were first attracted by the beauty of the designed homes that reflected a stable and beautiful environment. Our children especially cannot wait to enjoy the various amenities of the project and we cannot wait to interact with the multicultural community of homeowners. We look forward to a settled and contented future at Ornate Galaxy."
- Sunil Patel
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